Diver Propulsion Vehicle - FUTURUM

Our newest development, the Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) FUTURUM, one of the most
modern and most powerful DPV´s available on the market, will be produced and marketed
by FMT - Floren Marinetechnik GmbH. The Military Version is one of the most innovative
products in this segment for years!


Next generation SCOOTER Scooter FUTURUM


Due to a proven modular structure, the scooter can be precisely and individually adapted to customer requirements according to scenarios or operations.

Due to the construction of the ring motor, the propeller blades are guided peripherally by the
rotor. Therefore it can completely dispense with the conventional hub and seals and the center
of the drive remains free. This has the advantage, that ropes and any other foreign objects can
not get entangled. Compared to conventional drives, the propulsion unit of the Diver Propulsion
Vehicle is highly compact, extremely quiet and almost vibration-free.